Eco-Delight Coffee

Ethiopia Sidamo Ground


Brazil Minas Gerais

Good body and low acidity.
Long and sweet aftertaste. Strong notes of nuts and sweet aromas, such as caramel, walnuts and honey. Fruit aromas, such as banana, are also present.

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Eco-Delight Coffee

Awake to a room filled with the sweet aroma of caramel and honey sprinkled with a hint of walnuts in the air. This exquisite Brazilian roast is a compliment to any morning. These beans are plucked by hand in one of the most perfect coffee bean climates. Not a fan of chemicals in your beverages or food. Rest easy as we can confirm these beans are sun dried. Of course you want whats best for your body, we do too. 🙂 Wrap your taste buds in luxury. Have you ever had coffee that tasted as good as cashmere feels?

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