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Whether cheese, chocolate, bacon, bread or beer; each 30 minute close-ended episode will focus on everything you didn’t know about a different food type. Tent-pole segments include “how to” food hacks where you’ll learn how to make your own cheese, and factory visits where viewers will see how Swiss cheese gets its holes. We’ll hit the streets to explore some of the world’s best eateries, and ask the great American public, age-old culinary questions like “Monterey or Cheddar?” Food content has never been so snackable.


Out of the Millions of Coffee shops in the world Eco-Delight Coffee stands apart because we directly increase the value and profitability of the growers.
1: You understand that et the best beans because we take care of our farmers.

Our History | You Perfect Coffee

Eco-Delight Coffee’s roots trace back six generations to Guillermo Moran’s ancestors in the town of Ahuachapan, El Salvador.  As coffee growers supplying green beans, they were subject to typical swings in the prices of raw material in the commodities market.  To help stabilize exposure to market swings, Guillermo’s grandfather decided to add value to their product by starting a small coffee roasting facility to supply the local market.
At the same time the Bendig family arrived in Costa Rica from Germany.  Recognizing that all machinery for coffee milling and coffee roasting was being imported, they began Bendig Maquinaria to manufacture and service the coffee growing regions.

Fifteen years ago Guillermo and Rodolfo met in El Salvador when Moran contracted to purchase coffee milling equipment from Bendig. Realizing their advantage as multi-generation growers and machinery manufacturers, the concept of Eco-Delight Coffee was born.  Over the next ten years, the two worked on their plan, but Guillermo’s love of the family coffee farm and Rodolfo’s focus on creating an english language school in their native countries took precedence.  Then in 2011, both found the timing right to pursue the dream of Eco-Delight Coffee.  A vertically integrated coffee growing and roasting company that combined Moran’s chemical engineering and business skills with Bendig’s mechanical creativity and expertise, that would create artisan coffees sourced directly with, and in support of, the growers in their home countries.  Eco-Delight Coffee was to provide truly great coffees that are farm direct, to markets in the United States, and have an intimate relationship with the growers that would benefit all parties, from the pickers and their families, to the consumers in the U.S.

In 2011 Eco-Delight Coffee opened its doors as a coffee roasting company and coffee shop in Suisun City, a small town in Solano County, California.  The plan was not to grow as a coffee shop, but to allow customers to experience the wide variety of fresh coffees and see that like wines, coffees have unique qualities that appeal to individual preferences.  Word of this new artisan coffee “shop” spread and drew a wide range of customers.  , Some, from the board rooms of Silicon Valley’s most recognized names, and the specialty foods regions of the north San Francisco bay area, came to be strong proponents of Eco-Delight Coffee, which is now the primary coffee supplier to them.  Eco-Delight Coffee also is now found in ethnic and specialty food stores throughout the bay area, and soon in Big Box outlets with “simpatico” business philosophies of high quality and care for employees.  The little coffee shop “tasting room” has gone far!

In 2014, Eco-Delight Coffee relocated to the specialty foods magnet area of Petaluma California.  Its new 8,000+ square foot facility can directly receive, store, roast, blend. pack and ship to local customers, with room to grow.  And true to its beginnings, the “coffee shop” tasting room continues with a new tasting lab open to the public, to learn about the different attributes of coffee.

“Do you know why Apple, Inc chose us as their coffee provider?”
-Jared Spool

Have you Tried our world renown Espresso Blend? Apple, Inc was provided this blend exclusively. Now you too can indulge. 

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